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Turnkey maintenance services for Stormwater infrastructure

Stormwater infrastructure is critical for managing and mitigating pollution of our precious water resources. Poorly maintained systems can lead to flooding, property damage, environmental degradation, and even loss of human life.

AIMS provides the experience and equipment to help organizations maintain and inspect their stormwater infrastructure to remain in compliance with increasingly stringent environmental regulations. Our fleet of combo trucks and CCTV units can be used to clean and inspect any type of stormwater infrastructure.

AIMS can work with you to create a routine service package to ensure your system is always in prime working condition and remaining compliant with local regulations.

Our stormwater services work for all types of facilities, from commercial sites and city streets, to intricate industrial stormwater treatment systems, to highly variable construction sites. AIMS crews are specifically trained to handle all types of facilities with consistency and professionalism. AIMS Companies invests in continued trainings and is now a Contech certified maintenance provider for stormwater systems.


Catch basin storm drains
Stormwater pipelines and culverts
Filter vaults and manholes
Hydro-dynamic separators
API Oil/Water separators
Flow control and sedimentation manholes
Wet wells and drywells
Bioswales and drainage ditches
Retention ponds
Retention tanks and dewatering tanks
Treatment tanks
Underground detention systems
Sand filters and filter ponds

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Contech Certified Maintenance Provider
NASSCO Certified