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Media Blasting


Leaves an angular, chemical-free surface for paint or coatings

Media blasting combines both a cleaning and finishing action for superior surface preparation. Used most frequently with coatings or liners, media blasting removes rust or other surface contaminants, leaving a fresh finish for high performance bonding. AIMS is certified and trained to accomplish all SSPC and NACE standards.

Media blasting is also used to remove old paint or other surface coverings to allow for necessary repairs and an improved bonding of paints or coatings to the finished surface.

Safe, efficient and accurate results are achieved with better damage and safety control when compared to traditional mechanical methods.

AIMS can blast any surface with multiple media options available such as: dry ice, glass beads, garnet, walnut shells, sponge and steel grit, to name a few. Media is safe for the environment, using no harsh chemicals and has the potential to be used multiple times, making it cost effective for you.


Sand blasting
Dirt and oil removal
Oil removal
Dry ice blasting

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