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Turn-key cross bore inspection services

A cross bore is the intersection of an existing underground utility line by a second utility installed, thereby compromising the integrity of one or the other utility. This dangerous situation can result in the loss of life, injury and extensive property damage. AIMS Companies provides customizable cross bore inspection services for "just-in-time" work, all the way to managed turn-key multi-year programs. We are proud of our record of high-quality, on-time work that helps save clients money and reduce down time. As a leader in cross bore inspection, AIMS offers several Industrial and Municipal programs:

  • Legacy
  • Prevention
  • QA/QC Proven Process
  • GIS Mapping
  • Turnkey Program Management
  • Data Management and Storage

In the event a cross bore is discovered, the Operator and Technician will locate and mark the depth of camera. We will locate gas to verify that the gas line does, indeed, intersect the lateral. Once this is confirmed, we will immediately notify the client and our Field Inspector will complete photographs and a report. We will then turn the data over to the client to repair the line.

The goal of QA/QC is to avoid, prevent, and eliminate error. After performing hundreds of thousands of cross bore inspections, AIMS has developed a continual improvement program that produces 100% accepted deliverables every time.

Above and beyond reviewing all of the inspection videos, cross referencing all field data is the most potent form of quality assurance. We have created the AIMS method to quickly identify any anomalies in the data collection that ensures 100% accepted deliverables and that all assignments are completed. If any anomalies or inconstancies are found, the inspection is rejected, then is presented to the onsite manager for field verification.


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