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High tech water solutions for your most challenging projects

AIMS Companies has a large fleet of hydro-blast units ranging from 175 hp to 600 hp, capable of providing powerful performance and dependability to meet the demands of continuous operation. Our state-of-the-art equipment operates at pressures up to 40,000 psi with flow ranges from 2 gpm to 200 gpm, ensuring we have the correct pump for your project.

At AIMS, we combine our fleet of hydro-blasters with the latest automated hydro-blasting equipment to safely and efficiently remove unwanted deposits from pipes, lines, process equipment, tanks and vessels, to name a few.

Prior to commencing any hydro-blasting project, our team evaluates all key parameters of the job to make sure we are utilizing the best combination of equipment, tools and personnel. At AIMS, hydro-blasting is more than just showing up with a pump and some personnel. We come on the job with the right tools, pumps and personnel to exceed customer expectations.

AIMS is a leader in hydro-blasting automation. Over the past decade, AIMS has invested heavily in automated tool development to insure we have the safest, most effective tools to perform the most complex projects. We possess a large inventory of proprietary automated tools that allow us to undertake water blasting projects that were considered impossible a couple of years ago. 

Hydro-blasting extends equipment life, improves process efficiency, reduces fuel consumption and reduces downtime.

Using our specialized equipment and highly trained field technicians, you’ll get the job done safely and more efficiently, keeping you productive, on schedule and on budget.

We pride ourselves in providing customers with the most up-to-date, cost-effective alternatives available. We meet with you to create a specific approach to every project and offer the most logical choice to achieve the common goal of a safe, productive and budget-conscious solution.


Tank cleaning
Cooling towers
Feedwater exchange
Shell side tube handling cleaning
Condenser tubes
Deposit removal
Sluice lines
Asphalt removal
Concrete removal
Air Preheater (APH)
Polymor removal
Coating removal
Scale removal
Boiler deslagging
Surface preparation
Hydro demolition
BC / ZLD concentrators
Abrasive cutting
Paint and coating removal

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