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Wet/Dry vacuuming for quick removal of waste and debris

The AIMS industrial grade vacuum equipment can clean the toughest, dirtiest material in any location. The tremendous power generated by 28” PD blowers ensures the rapid removal of waste and debris.

Metal chips, slag, steel shot, fly ash, sawdust, grain, mill scale, slurries, sludge and water are just some of the materials that can be removed safely, quickly and efficiently using wet/dry vacuuming.

Safety and client satisfaction are top priorities for AIMS. Utilizing our vacuum equipment for waste removal eliminates unnecessary downtime, risks and property damage for you. Our qualified technicians employ a standard methodology to ensure fast, efficient service with as little disruption as possible.


Media removal
Water removal
Catch basin sediment and small objects
Rig cleaning
Reserve pits
Frac tank cleaning
Fly ash removal
Silo cleaning
Vessel cleaning
Jet rodding
Pit and sump cleanouts
Bag house cleaning

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