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school diploma to work for AIMS or one of its divisions? Yes, we require a high school diploma or equivalent, and some positions may also require a college degree. Please review the job description for specifics on specific openings. Does AIMS conduct

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PDF. If you have downloaded the application, please complete it using blue or black ink and email it to Human Resources at. Human Resources Mission Statement. At AIMS Companies, we provide a positive HR experience for applicants

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Inspections. Division service

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Coating. Package service

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AIMS Safety Process & Programs. Celebration of Safety. At AIMS, safety is our number one priority. We are focused on providing a safe environment for all personnel in every aspect of the workplace. We believe all accidents can be prevented and safety is

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Texas Gas Association. TGA provides members with education/training, takes public positions on legislation affecting the natural gas industry and promotes the use of natural gas as an economical, environmentally-friendly energy source.

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AIMS/PVIC. In 2007, they added AIMS to the fold which provided hydro blasting, industrial vacuuming/cleaning and steel and concrete cutting services. Six months later, they added AIMS Coatings, to provide clients with the complimentary service of coatings and

Max Ramirez | AIMS Companies | Area Coatings Supervisor

Rocky Mountain Division. Max Ramirez. Area Coatings Supervisor. Rocky Mountain Division. Max has been with AIMS Companies as our Coatings Supervisor since 2014. Max brings 25 years of experience as a sandblaster and has been a supervisor for the last 15

Stephen Cochran | AIMS Companies | Field Services Supervisor

TV trucks (Cues, Aries, RST and Pearpoint explosion proof camera systems & software), and began supervising crews in 2000. He is the field supervisor for AIMS in the North Texas and Oklahoma region. He strives to ensure safe and quality production. Stephen