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Pipeline Inspection


Real-time, accurate inspection data

AIMS offers both standard Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) Inspection and Panoramic CCTV Inspection to visually inspect the interiors of pipelines in extreme detail to identify any deficiencies and evaluate pipe condition. With our best-in-class equipment, we can inspect main and lateral lines for condition assessment to identify structural defects, obstructions and even proper installation.

Using a robotic camera, our skilled technician can view the line in real time and record the results for further analysis, while also providing an immediate assessment of your pipe’s condition. We meticulously examine defects and provide a comprehensive report on the condition of your pipeline per NASSCO standards.

When combined with our Geographical Information System (GIS), Sonar and Laser Profiling, we can map your sewer system, providing greater accuracy to support your decision-making process. This provides you with accurate spatial information to pinpoint exact locations of manholes, access points, utility and sewer lines. Save money by mapping once and then updating maps digitally as new infrastructure is added.


CCTV mainline
CCTV lateral
CCTV cross bore
Sonar profiling
Laser inspection / profiling
Smoke testing
Manhole inspection
Panoramic manhole inspection
Dye flood testing
Inclonometer inspection / profiling
Well inspection
Lift inspection
Panoramic mainline

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