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Sonar Profiling


Inspect surcharged pipes with confidence

Ensuring the integrity of surcharged pipes has never been more critical for improving operational reliability, capacity reclamation and reducing financial risks.

Our sonar inspection system offers industry intelligent, state-of-the-art technology to safely and accurately identify the profile of surcharged pipes while saving you
time and money.

Due to water clarity and other typical conditions, conventional Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) only captures condition assessment data above the spring line while Sonar Inspection captures data below. Pipes that carry high flow levels or even surcharged pipes and siphons can be inspected with confidence.

This technology is best in pipes 18 inches and larger (including siphons) where bypass pumping is impractical to quantify debris in pipe and identify major structural anomalies.

For those that want condition assessment data for the entire pipe, our highly trained field service technicians can combine CCTV and Sonar (TISCIT) to capture data both above and below the spring line. With this option, we can provide you with useful, accurate sonar data along with recommendations to prevent failures and help ensure continuous service.

With the AIMS Sonar Inspection service, you’ll receive accurate and reliable data combined with a safe, efficient alternative to manual excavation and inspection.


Sanitary sewer collection systems
Storm sewer collection systems
Plant and refinery process lines

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