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Pipe Cleaning


Cleaning main and lateral pipelines

Over time, dirt and other debris collects in pipes resulting in the loss of the pipes designed capacity. High-pressure and high-flow water jet nozzles are used to remove buildup and debris in pipe. The resulting sludge is then vacuumed out of the pipe and disposed of according to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards.

AIMS specializes in cleaning all sizes, shapes and types of pipe. Combining this with our CCTV service, we can offer this at a combined rate, eliminating additional service fees to save you money.

In addition, with AIMS’ on-call staff, we can quickly assess and remove system backups caused by extreme weather.

No abrasive or corrosive chemicals are used in the cleaning process, which is also effective in eliminating airborne contaminants.

Our fully trained technicians are available for routine maintenance or emergency cleaning 24/7.


Storm sewer collection systems
Sanitary sewer collection systems
Plant and refinery process lines

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