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Industrial Hydro Excavation


Dig safely while protecting underground infrastructure

AIMS utilizes hydro excavation techniques as a safe and non-destructive alternative to conventional methods of hard digging. Our qualified and competent operators, in conjunction with our state-of-the-art equipment, help you safely improve productivity and keep costs down.

Our systems use pressurized water and vacuum technology to quickly and safely excavate underground pipelines, utilities and electrical systems. The loosened soil or debris is transferred to a debris tank using water. Our specialty trucks conveniently contain the water, vacuum and debris tank all in one vehicle.

Using hot or cold pressurized water to excavate and expose buried utilities such as gas, electrical or phone services significantly reduces the risk of damage, helping you keep costs down and workers safe.


Remote and cold weather digging
Slot trenching
Debris removal
Exposing utilities
Line, sign, and pole installation and location
Piling hole excavation
Bell holes
Perimeter trench
Remote digs up to 400'

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Gold Shovel Standard Certification
MSHA 48 (Mine)
Confined Space Training
Fall Protection
First Aid and CPR
Site-Specific Customer Requirements
On-The-Job Training