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Environmental Services

Environmental Services

Emergencies Can Occur at Any Time

When disaster strikes, the key to minimizing damage and restoring productivity is a quick and effective response. Our focus on safety, coupled with years of experience makes AIMS Companies the most reliable emergency service company in the business. We can quickly offer you environmental services for any job.

The key to satisfactory environmental services is reacting quickly and treating the root cause of the problem. An environmental spill or disaster can cause serious long-term effects if care isn’t taken right away to treat the cause and remedy the situation. To take care of all types of environmental incidents, we have put in place an advanced and responsive procedure that includes:

  • An initial assessment as soon as you contact us
  • A focus on protecting the public and your employees from danger
  • Containment/isolation of the problem area
  • Remedial cleaning, pumping, and treatment
  • Root cause analysis to help you avoid future incidents

We approach each environmental situation by looking at the different factors involved and creating an action plan to quickly and effectively remedy it. Don’t panic if you suffer a natural disaster, pipeline rupture, chemical spill or other industrial environmental accident. Simply call our expert team here at AIMS Companies and we’ll get to work to minimize the damage and get you back to work.

We will inspect your spill and quickly tell you how we plan to take care of it. We’ll give you peace of mind that your disaster is being handled properly and that all steps are being taken to return your property to an acceptable condition.

We’re Always Ready

Environmental incidents can happen at any time, which is why our team is ready 24/7 to respond. To make sure we’re always ready to take care of your environmental situations and emergencies, we keep our fleet of spill containment and treatment vehicles and equipment in tip-top condition. Our crews are also trained to quickly assess a spill, leak or disaster situation and apply the right solution. At all times we stay in close contact with you to ensure you’re aware of the steps we’re taking to handle your environmental emergency.

We stand ready to respond after hours, on weekends, and holidays. Our expert technicians and managers are on call, and our fleet of specialized equipment is ready to roll.

At AIMS Companies, we’re more than just an environmental emergency services company. We’re your experienced and trusted partner for all of your emergency needs and know exactly what it takes to handle your environmental spill in a safe and responsible manner. The environment deserves our attention, so let’s work together to minimize the impact of any spills, leaks or natural disasters.

We’ll get our trained crews, advanced products and powerful industrial cleaning equipment to work to remedy all situations and leave your property and site as clean as it was before.

Environmental Solutions

  • Transportation Incident Response
  • Industrial Plant Emergencies
  • Pipeline Ruptures and Leaks
  • Natural Disaster Cleanup & Recovery
  • Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Releases


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