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Environmental Remediation Services: Thinking Long-Term

After an environmental spill or disaster, it’s important to think about the long-term consequences and do what you can to remedy any situations. In the case of spills or leaks of hazardous chemicals, people, animals and the environment can be affected for a long time if the hazardous materials are not cleaned up properly and steps are not taken to avoid future spills.

At AIMS Companies, we have the knowledge and experience to take care of soil remediation for your property. We use the right tools, equipment and techniques to ensure all of the offending chemicals are removed. For years we have been providing expert soil remediation across Alabama and Georgia and returning your neighbors’ soil to its original clean state.

Fast Action for Better Results

One of the most important factors when treating a spill and performing soil remediation is getting in and starting cleanup as quickly as possible. Chemicals and other hazardous materials in the ground will quickly find their way into the watershed if left alone. That’s why we’re available 24/7 to get in and access your property as soon as a spill or leak occurs. The faster we start treating your soil, the sooner we can get it back to an acceptable level of cleanliness.

For older sites where pollution has contaminated the ground for a long time, we also have soil remediation services. These can involve:

  • Removing the hazardous materials, chemicals and other sources of pollution
  • Creating buffers and barriers against further contamination spread
  • Removing tainted soil and plant matter and having it treated off-site
  • Introducing new soil and vegetation to return your property to usable status

When we arrive on your site, we do a thorough audit of the nature and extent of your soil pollution. With our detailed report, we can work with you to propose the remediation services that are best suited to your situation. Our crews always work with the utmost care for the safety of themselves and the general public as well as respect for the environment.


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