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One of the most effective ways of separating water from sludge and other wet solid materials is by using a dewatering container. A dewatering container features a solid steel exterior box with a steel screening installed along all interior surfaces. The screen allows water to filter out of the material and be removed, leaving drier base waste that can either be treated or recuperated.

At AIMS Companies, we offer a wide range of solutions for industrial and environmental projects. Our rental dewatering boxes are in use across the Southeast by customers in cities like Phenix City, Alabama and Columbus, Georgia. If your business is located in Alabama or Georgia and you have been looking for a proven and affordable solution for dewatering, our dewatering containers are your best choice.

Common Sizes and Types of Dewatering Boxes

Dewatering boxes come in two basic styles: sealed and unsealed. Your choice depends on the nature of the materials and sludge you’re treating and any potential risks due to contact with people and the environment in the vicinity. You also need to take into consideration factors such as:

  • Heat and drying: Certain sludge mixes can dry in the sun and get extremely hard. A sealed box can help avoid drying due to the sun and allow for more efficient dewatering.
  • Rainfall: Rain can add more water to your sludge and slow down the natural dewatering process. Choose a sealed dewatering container if you’re worried about rainfall in your area.
  • Evaporation: In some cases, natural evaporation due to air and wind can speed up your dewatering. If that is the case, one of our unsealed dewatering boxes is your best choice.

Certain models of dewatering containers come with different features, including liners, drainage ports, doors, and more. We can help you select the model of dewatering container that best suits the nature and saturation level of your sludge, dirt or materials.

Applications for Dewatering

Our customers count on our dewatering services for a variety of industries and applications. Many construction and roadwork contractors trust our solid dewatering containers to remove water from gravel, soil and other construction substrates. We also have many customers across Alabama and Georgia looking for a way to treat their ash ponds and other liquid storage ponds and separate water from solid wastes and materials. Our dewatering containers are also suitable for grease trap, sewage and phase separation applications.


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