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Keeping your roll-off containers and boxes clean can take a lot of time, energy and money, especially if you’re not properly equipped to do so. Here at AIMS Companies, we have the experience and equipment it takes to clean and maintain a wide range of container types and sizes so that you can focus on putting them to use for your business. We also have roll-off containers for rent, with a variety of models available to suit your needs.

Our team knows that container service and maintenance is important to you, so we always do a thorough job of cleaning your roll-off boxes, whether they’re standard containers, vacuum tanks, chemical trailers or any other type. You won’t find a better roll-off chemical cleanup service near Alabama or Georgia, so come and discover our roll-off box cleaning and rental services today.

What Are Roll-Off Containers Used For?

Roll-off containers are available in a wide range of styles and sizes and are generally divided into general and heavy-duty classes. The heavy-duty containers feature thicker walls and stronger frames to allow for heavier loads and more severe use. Many of our customers use roll-off containers in a variety of ways, including:

  • Regular waste collection
  • Storage of recycling materials
  • Occasional construction and renovation waste collection
  • Collecting loose materials and debris
  • Storing equipment and materials
  • Transporting various items
  • Chemical storage and handling

Thanks to their versatile nature, roll-off boxes and tanks can normally be used for one application and later repurposed for other uses. At AIMS Companies, we can provide you with a wide range of roll-off containers for rent, so let us know which types you’re interested in.

What Are the Most Common Sizes and Applications?

While every customer is unique, some of the containers we most commonly rent and clean fall into three categories:

  • Standard roll-off containers: These large open-top containers feature open tops and large doors on one end to allow easier access. The strong rollers and truck attachment points mean they can be easily rolled off a truck into position at your site or facility. The 20-yard box is a popular size that covers many needs.
  • Roll-off vacuum tanks: These sealed tanks are designed to collect a variety of chemicals, liquids and materials in a safe manner for easy transportation and disposal. Tell us about the nature of your materials and how you will use your vacuum tank so that we can arrange for the best-adapted cleaning or rental.
  • Roll-off chemical trailers: A roll-off chemical trailer is specifically designed to contain a wide range of chemical products. Regular roll-off containers and tanks may not be resistant enough for your chemical types, so always tell us about your application and chemicals so we can guide your choice.


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