City Benefits from AIMS’ Find It, Fix It Solution

WHO: A Local Municipality

WHAT: Routine municipal inspection results in a bypass and repair of obstruction in 15” sanitary sewer to prevent further damage.

WHERE: North Central Texas

Solution – Use a Bigger Truck

Equipment Truck Cost Per Hour Traffic Control Per Hour Hours to Complete Total Cost
Small Truck $180 $50 12 $2,760.00
Large Truck $235 $50 8 $2,280.00

* Increase in time accounts for slightly slower digging, fetching water and dumping more frequently. Rates listed are for comparison purposes only and not based on actual quotes.

During fulfillment of a contract to clean and inspect a sanitary sewer pipe for a municipality, an AIMS crew went above and beyond the scope of work and implemented a proactive Find It, Fix It solution. While inspecting a 15” section of pipe noted to have an obstruction, the field crew noticed that they were in fact encountering a siphon, not a main. Upon discovery, AIMS negotiated setup of a temporary bypass of the system in order to dewater, clean, and inspect the siphon.

During the inspection, the crew found a previous repair that was offset and smaller in size than the rest of the pipe, causing a restriction in flow. In addition to providing findings to the city, AIMS proposed an excavation and point repair bundle to correct the previous repair. The city approved the plans and AIMS excavated 38’ deep to the point of repair and replaced the offset joint with a new section of pipe, then backfilled to original grade.

Solution – Use a Smaller Truck

Truck Cost Per Hour Traffic Control Per Hour Hours to Complete Total Cost
$180 $50 2 $460.00
$235 $50 2 $570.00

* Since it’s a small task order, dumping time and fetching water is not factored in.

AIMS  Find It, Fix It program strives to facilitate experienced operators and cities in need working together to provide  quick, cost-effective solutions to problems identified in the field.